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EKG Machines & EKG Equipment
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EKG Machines & ECG Equipment
EKGShop.Com is solely dedicated to saving you money on portable EKG Machines, ECG Equipment and Supplies. Let us share our years of experience with you and recommend an EKG machine that meets your needs and your budget.

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SKU: PT-2334
Comparable to the Burdick Cardiosens Ultra II and 3M resting tab electrodes.
$ 50.00
SKU: T916
$ 150.00
SKU: T716
$ 150.00
Adult Multipurpose Silver ECG Monitoring Electrodes
$ 113.00
SKU: 900690-403
w/Snap; 3/pch, 45/bg, 10bg/cs
$ 137.00
SKU: ST510
Short Term Medical ECG Electrodes
$ 140.00
SKU: M15-40024
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SKU: 402207-210
50/bg, 10bg/cs
$ 49.00
SKU: MS4-110842
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SKU: 015-0630-00
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SKU: 2560
Non radiotranslucent
$ 249.00
SKU: 580-030
30 ea/bg, 600 ea/cs
$ 148.00
SKU: ST410
Short Term Medical ECG Electrodes
$ 151.00
SKU: 5500
Silver chloride technology
$ 129.00
Long Term Medical Silver ECG Electrodes
$ 135.00
SKU: 900703-230
30/pch, 10 pch/cs
$ 87.00
SKU: 01.57.040162-12
4 PCS/set, match 4mm ECG cable
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SKU: 1915-100
Silver chloride performance
$ 69.00
SKU: 4533
For Stress/Holter/Surgical/EMS/Echo applications
$ 148.00
1 case of 80 electrodes (20 packs of 4)
$ 56.00
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EKGShop.Com is committed to offering our customers high quality products that will fit within their budgets. We offer an array of equipment, including the 12 lead electrocardiogram to help you offer top notch medical services to your patients. Our knowledgeable customer support department will be able to assist you in finding the right portable ECG / EKG machine or other equipment for your medical establishment. You will also find an assortment of other supplies such as paper for various portable ECG / EKG machine models, monitoring electrodes and cables.