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EKG Machines & EKG Equipment
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EKG Machines & ECG Equipment
EKGShop.Com is solely dedicated to saving you money on portable EKG Machines, ECG Equipment and Supplies. Let us share our years of experience with you and recommend an EKG machine that meets your needs and your budget.

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Future Med
Combines resting ECG, exercise stress testing and spirometry in one compact machine.
$ 3,225.00
Interpretive 12-Lead ECG machine.
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P80 Six is a reliable and economical full page ECG.
$ 2,895.00
3-Channel ECG, available with interpretation.
$ 1,865.00
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EKGShop.Com is committed to offering our customers high quality products that will fit within their budgets. We offer an array of equipment, including the 12 lead electrocardiogram to help you offer top notch medical services to your patients. Our knowledgeable customer support department will be able to assist you in finding the right portable ECG / EKG machine or other equipment for your medical establishment. You will also find an assortment of other supplies such as paper for various portable ECG / EKG machine models, monitoring electrodes and cables.

Lead Meanings in Electrocardiography:
A Future Med Brand Review of EKG Machines

In the field of electrocardiography, when you say the word “lead”, it can refer to either the wire that connects an electrode to the electrocardiograph, or (more commonly) to a combination of electrodes that form an imaginary line in the body along which the electrical signals are measured.

Therefore, the term loose lead artifact uses the former meaning, while the term 12 lead electrocardiogram uses the latter. In fact, a 12 lead electrocardiogram usually only uses 10 wires/electrodes. The latter definition of lead is the one used here.

By measuring electrical potential between various points of the body using a biomedical instrumentation amplifier, an electrocardiogram is being obtained. A lead records the electrical signals of the heart from a particular combination of recording electrodes which are placed at specific points on the patient's body.


  • When a depolarization wavefront (or mean electrical vector) moves toward a positive electrode, it creates a positive deflection on the ECG in the corresponding lead.
  • When a depolarization wavefront (or mean electrical vector) moves away from a positive electrode, it creates a negative deflection on the ECG in the corresponding lead.
  • When a depolarization wavefront (or mean electrical vector) moves perpendicular to a positive electrode, it creates an equiphasic (or isodiphasic) complex on the ECG. It will be positive as the depolarization wavefront (or mean electrical vector) approaches (A), and then become negative as it passes by (B).

There are two types of leads:

Unipolar leads – it have an indifferent electrode at the center of the Einthoven’s triangle (which can be likened to the ‘neutral’ of a wall socket) at zero potential. The direction of these leads is from the “center” of the heart radially outward. These include the precordial (chest) leads and augmented limb leads—VR, VL, & VF.

Bipolar leads – in contrast, has both electrodes at some potential, with the direction of the corresponding lead being from the electrode at lower potential to the one at higher potential, e.g., in limb lead I, the direction is from left to right. These include the limb leads—I, II, and III.

As for the total experience in EKG Machines, we dare you to try on using Futuremed as being offered here by EKGShop.Com.

The following are its most notable EKG equipment:

Future Med P8000 Power EKG - Combines resting ECG, exercise stress testing and spirometry in one compact. Futuremed's new P8000 Power is a sleek, attractive and economically priced instrument that lets you start out with a resting ECG and add (gradually, if desired) the ability to perform spirometry or exercise stress testing.

Future Med Easy ECG Plus
- An interpretive 12-Lead ECG. Minimum hardware requirement Desktop or laptop with Windows '95, NT 4.0 or higher. Economical Packages with interpretation for under $2,000. Cost-effective Use any Windows compatible printer (inkjet, laser, etc.) with standard copy paper to generate full page reports.

Future Med Easy P80 Six - P80 Six is a reliable and economical full page ECG. It is available with software for automatic analysis and measurements. This machine pays for itself after 90 tests. 12 simultaneous lead recording. 3, 3+1, 6 and 12 channel formats.

Future Med EZ-3 EKG - This machine pays for itself after 60 tests. 3-Channel ECG. AC/DC power with rechargeable lead-acid battery. Available with Interpretation. Easy, one key automatic operation. Long-life rechargeable battery allows use in virtually any setting.

Future Med is Canada's leading supplier of medical products to long term care facilities. Also considered as the physician supply industry's one-stop source for product and service excellence. Future Med commits itself to customer satisfaction and product quality.