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Heal Force
SKU: Prince 180B
Small, portable and easy to operate.
$ 525.00
SKU: Prince 180A
Record of 30-second ECG waveform and report for each measurement.
$ 525.00
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EKGShop.Com is committed to offering our customers high quality products that will fit within their budgets. We offer an array of equipment, including the 12 lead electrocardiogram to help you offer top notch medical services to your patients. Our knowledgeable customer support department will be able to assist you in finding the right portable ECG / EKG machine or other equipment for your medical establishment. You will also find an assortment of other supplies such as paper for various portable ECG / EKG machine models, monitoring electrodes and cables.

On Smoking, Heart Disease and EKG Machines (Part 38):
A Heal Force Product Review

As for the thirty-eighth part of this new article series entitled On Smoking, Heart Disease and EKG Machines, we will just continue on discussing here all about the risks and dangers of smoking and how it affects our heart.

Many of the changes you feel when you first quit smoking don't feel good. Nicotine withdrawal can make you feel grouchy and nervous. You may have trouble sleeping or concentrating.

These symptoms can last for a few days to several weeks, but they do go away, especially if you take medicine. You may struggle with changing your smoking habits and rituals. This is a lot to deal with, but keep at it. You will feel better.

Your worst cravings will probably pass in a few days. But you may keep getting cravings for months. Most people who quit report that they later stop thinking about smoking.

Allow me to stop there for a moment to give a review on this yet another superb EKG machine device brand Heal Force. Also being listed in the website, Heal Force is regarded as one of the recommended ECG Machines brand available in the market today as being used by most doctors and medical hospitals or clinics.

Heal Force Prince 180B Easy ECG Monitor ( - Simple measurement of 1-channel ECG waveform without adhesive electrodes and lead I, II or III ECG measurement with 3 electrodes is also alternatively available.

Heal Force Prince 180A Easy ECG Monitor ( - Record of 30-second ECG waveform and report for each measurement. LCD display with backlight.

For more info regarding this brand, you may visit the link below: